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新冠病毒預防措施 COVID-19 Policy

學生或老師如有發燒或COVID-19症狀, 請勿來學校上課。

Students/Teachers should not come to class if they have fever or COVID-19 symptoms.

新冠症狀包括發燒超過100.4°、喉嚨痛、不停咳嗽、呼吸困難、上吐下瀉、劇烈頭疼、味覺嗅覺喪失。 COVID-19 symptoms are: fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, sore throat, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea or vomiting, severe headache, or loss of taste/smell.


Face mask is required to be worn at all time while in the building.


School will provide disinfecting wipes to each class to clean the desks/seats.


School will provide hand sanitizer to each class. Students should sanitize hands while entering the classroom.

辦公室職員會進教室測量(抽查)體溫, 請老師和學生配合。

School staffs will come to classrooms and measure students’ temperature in random order, please cooperate.

請家長儘量在校外接送學生。如有必要進入學校,一個家庭最多由一位家長陪同入內。(開學日及特別活動除外) Parents should avoid entering the building by dropping off and picking up students at the school front door. Only one parent is allowed to enter the building if there is an absolute need. (This rule does not apply to the opening day and other special events to be announced later).

上學時如果家長必須送孩子到教室,請之後儘快離開,不要逗留。 If the parents need to take the young students to the classrooms, please make it quick and leave the building as quickly as possible.

放學時 During school dismissal:

  • 幼兒組提早15分鐘放學,班級老師帶學生到正校門口給家長,請家長不要遲到。K1, K2, K3, and PK classes will dismiss 15 minutes earlier at 4:15pm, and teachers will take the students to the school front door for pickup. Parents please plan to be there on time.

  • 小學1-3年級(含拼音)提早5分鐘放學,班級老師帶學生到正校門口給家長,請家長不要遲到。G1, G2, G3, P1, P2, and P3 classes will dismiss 5 minutes earlier at 4:25pm, and teachers will take the students to the school front door for pickup. Parents please plan to be there on time.

  • 其它年級準時放學,學生自行到校門口,請家長不要入内。All other grades/classes will dismiss at 4:30pm. Students will meet the parents at the school front door, parents please do not enter the building.

除非緊急情況,請家長提醒學生不要使用除正門外的其它門進出。 Parents should remind the students to only use the building front door for entrance/exit, unless it’s a declared emergency situation.

下課時間請學生留在教室不要在走廊上群聚。幼兒組老師可以自行斟酌是否帶學生集體到戶外透氣放鬆。 Students will stay in the classrooms during the recess/break. Teachers of the younger grades can make their own judgement calls on if to take the students outside of the building during recess.

老師不會提供零食給學生,學生也不要帶食物進學校,自備的飲用水除外。 Teachers will not provide snack/drink to the students, and students should not bring snacks either. The only exception is students’ own water bottle.

如果有某個班級的某個學生或老師確診新冠病毒, 該班級轉為線上教學兩星期。 If a student or the teacher of a class is confirmed with COVID-19, that class will switch to online education for two weeks.

學生如果有確診新冠病毒, 家長有義務立即通知學校。除非必要人員,學生資訊將不會被分享。 Parents are responsible to inform the school immediately if students are confirmed with COVID-19. All information will be shared based on need-to-know basis.

Wootton HS 因應新冠病毒有升級冷氣系統,加裝新型過濾器。 Wootton HS confirmed that they completed upgrading HAVC system with better filters.

學校會根據MCPS, CDC以及州政府的規定來隨時調整此規定。 WSCLC will adjust these policies according to the MCPS, CDC, and State regulations.


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