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課後活動 After School Activities


Public Speech Program - We plan to open a new after-school program teaching students and parents the skills of public speaking, communication, and leadership. Please contact us if you are interested.


Chinese Dance and Ballet - If your daughter is interested in Chinese/Ballet dance, Please visit the website at to get more information; call 301-299-1562 or email to discuss your daughter’s situation, and make an appointment for a free trial lesson at one of the classes that is appropriate for your daughter. The dance class for beginners is 4:30 pm-5:30 pm (right after the Chinese classes of WSCLC) on Sundays at the dance studio of the Wootton High School.

如果您的女兒對學習優美儀態,中華文化,和舞蹈藝術有興趣。請造訪網站 穫取有關資訊,以電話301-299-1562 或電郵 與老師討論您女兒的情況,和訂約到一個適合她程度的班級免費試課。小朋友的初級班是週日下午4:30-5:30 pm在Wootton High School的舞蹈教室。華府中文學校下課後, 就可接著上舞蹈課。

Shotokan Karate - This class offers training in traditional Shotokan karate-do (or “the way of karate”). Karate practice allows the student to develop their character, mental and physical stamina, and follow the dojo kun (principles of karate-do). 本課程提供傳統松濤館空手道(或“空手道之道”)的培訓。空手道練習可以讓學生發展他們的人格、身心的耐性,並遵循道場規(空手道的原則)。

Yoyo Club – Our famous Yoyo Club is back! If you are interested in learning the traditional Chinese Yoyo while having fun, please come visit us after school. Here is the registration link.

華府扯鈴俱樂部又回來了!如果您對學習傳統中華文化 – 扯鈴 – 有興趣,歡迎在下課後加入我們。這是我們的註冊鏈接


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