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2008 游泳比賽捷報 Swim Meet Results

蔡曉凡Victoria Tsai (Left), 2nd place on 50 Free, 3rd on 25 Breast, 5th on 25 Butterfly.

田家全 Matthew Tiberino (Right), 1st on 50 Free, 2nd on 25 Back, 4th on 25 Breast.

紀憶芳Yvonne Jih (Left)

2nd in 100 Free, 2nd in 50 Fly

3rd in 50 Back, 3rd in 100 IM

紀瑀婷Cynthia Jih (Left)

1st in 50 Free, 1st in 50 Breast

1st in 50 Fly, and 1st in 100 IM

楊文璇 Michelle Yang (Right) , 2nd on 50 Breast

顧柏宸Harrison Gu (Left)

1st Places in all events

IM, 50M free,

50M butterfly,

50M breast.

顧浿如 Elaina Gu (Right)

2nd on 50M free,

3rd Places on IM,

50M back,

50M breast.

賀康妮 Connie Ho (Left), 2nd places on 25M back, 2nd place on 25M breast, 2nd place on 25M butterfly, 4th place on lM.

田尚玉 Alicia Tiberino (Right), 1st place on 50M free, 50M back, 50M butterfly, IM

賀明漢 Kevin Ho (Left)

1st place on 25 free, 1st place on 25 back, 2nd place on 25 butterfly.

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