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2017 老師家長座談會家長熱情參與 順利完成 Parents/Teachers Conference



The yearly Parents and Teachers conference was held at the cafeteria in Wootton High School on October 15th. The conference begun by a speech from the principal Lee, welcoming the parents for participating, and asked each of the staff members to introduce themselves and address their duties. Chairman of the board Mr. Lee introduced each members of the board this year, and PTA president Henry Chang also introduced the service team of the PTA this year. Following that, Academic Director Ms. Yeh and Cultural Director Ms. Chang briefly addressed the teaching direction of language and culture education. After that, the main section of the meeting has begun. Teachers from each grade are seated at their different areas and explained their educational goals for their students to the parents. After a brief discussion, the short meeting has almost come to an end.

The principal informed the parents about the future plans and activities of this year, and asked for volunteers to participate. Finally, the coordinator of the youth dragon boat team Mr.Lin introduced the Hua Fu youth dragon boat team, and seek students from 8th grade and up to sign up. The meeting ended in success with the passion and support from the parents.

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