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2016 華府中文學校 青少年龍舟隊​
15 屆華府龍舟賽  比賽剪影

The 15th Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival

This year will be Hua Fu Dragon Boat team’s 12th year competing at the annual Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival. David Ho and Justin Pan, both alumni of the team, will be using their knowledge and experience gained from their days on the team to lead this year’s team comprised of diligent and dedicated 8th to 12th graders. The team could not have gotten to where it is today without of the support of the parents, PTA, and school board at the Washington School of Chinese Language and Culture.
The team’s core value is teamwork. Not only do the paddlers learn how to work as a team “in the boat” by focusing on stroke synchronization, but also “out of the boat.” Encouragement is never a rarity during the team’s weekly practices as each team member strives to help the other out. Team members push each other to reach full potential. Our team’s spirit and respect for one another will allow us to overcome all obstacles and continue to bring pride to the Hua Fu community.
Regardless of the results, the values we have gained from experience make us victorious. We can’t wait to race. GO HUA FU !!!


Team Captain Guan-Jung Chen, 2016

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