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Hua Fu Chinese School Youth Dragon Boat Team

華府中文學校 青少年龍舟隊
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Team Captain: Grace Yang 楊佩婷

Coach: Michael Huang
Youth Captains: Alison Chen
陳彎彎, Nathan Chou 周守謙
Assistant Youth Captains: Kimbe
rley Trang 莊, MengZhe (David) Wu 吳孟哲


The Hua Fu Youth Dragon Boat Team is proud to be participating in our 17th Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival! Our team is built-up of self-disciplined and highly motivated WSCLC students from 7th to 12th grade. We are excited to welcome many new members this year and are thrilled to be back.

The Hua Fu Youth Dragon Boat Team is one of the prestigious teams in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. Yet, without the support of our wonderful parents, PT, and school board, we would not be where we are today. We also want to thank our youth captains - Alison Chen, Nathan Chou, Kimberley Trang, and MengZhe Wu - and our coach - Michael Huang - for helping to lead the team. Each has brought their experience, knowledge, and fresh ideas to help this team grow and improve.

Our tradition of teamwork and diligence has kept our team's spirit high and maintained the core value of our team. We are proud to pass down this tradition from generation to generation and see the team grow and evolve.

With a proven track record of success, we are confident that we will have another successful season this year! We cannot wait to compete with the best.

Good luck to both teams. Go Hua Fu! Go!

Our Paddlers: Aaron Han, Alex Wang, Alison Chen, Brandon Fan, Charlotte Liu, Chloe Lin, Chloe Yeh, Diane Liu, Ethan Shay, James Wong, Jonathan Lei, Katherine Tsai, Kimberley Trang, Kristin Chen, Max Wang, MengTing Wu, MengXuan Wu, MengZhe Wu, Mira Wang, Natalie Chen, Natalie Chou, Nathan Chou, Nicole Liu, Sasha Jacobs, Sophie Li

華府青少年龍舟隊是由 7 至 12 年級的華府學生組成。我們很高興今年有許多新同學加入,也很高興能再度參加第17屆華盛頓龍舟節!

華府青少年龍舟隊是大華盛頓地區久負盛名的隊伍之一。然而,如果沒有熱心幫忙的父母、家長會 和學校董事會的支持,我們不會有今天的成就。我們還要感謝青年隊長 - Alison Chen、Nathan Chou、Kimberley Trang 和 MengZhe Wu - 以及我們的教練 - Michael Huang - 共同領導龍舟隊。每個人都貢獻了他們的經驗、知識和新的想法,來幫助青少年龍舟隊繼續成長和進步。




Join the Team

Welcoming all students age 13-17

Practice Time: 12:30 - 1:45


Dragon Boat Facebook

Race Results

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