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3:45 pm - 4:30 pm

Culture Class Schedule


老師: 陳曉嵐


老師: 蔡順當 


老師: 侯立宸


老師: 嚴冠維 和 曾志平

書法 和 國畫

書法老師: 王怡閔

​國畫老師: 蕭雅文


老師: 鄭昀晏


童玩老師: 蘇淺蕪


老師: 張樞華 和 李昌蓉


老師: 吳文娟


老師: 楊珮婷


Cultural Classes

3:45 - 4:30

Chinese Dance

Instructor: Monica Huang


Students get the opportunity to learn the basics of traditional Chinese dance.

Dragon Dance

Instructor: Chu Shan Zhu


Students learn the dragon dance which tries to simulate the movements of the majestic dragon. This dance is popular around Chinese New Years.


Chinese Yoyo

Instructor: Lee Hou


Chinese yo-yo is a fun toy for students to play with as they learn new tricks. It is different from the yo-yo and offers much more variety and styles.

Instructor: Guan Yen & Sensei Bert Tzeng  


Martial arts originated from the need for self-defense but has become an integral part of Chinese culture. Students have the opportunity to learn the basic moves in martial arts.

Martial Arts

Calligraphy and Chinese Painting

Calligraphy Instructor: Mindy Wang

Chinese Painting Instructor: Wendy Shiau


Chinese calligraphy and painting both use the ink brush. While Chinese calligraphy was the way people wrote in the past, it has now become a form of art and an important part of Chinese history.


Instructor: YunYan Zheng

Go is believed to be the oldest board game still played today. It involves the strategy of trying to surround more territory than the opponent.

Fun and Games

Fun and Games Instructor: Chen-wu Su

Fun and games is a compilation of childhood games that were popular in Taiwan. These games include shuttlecock where kids kick a shuttlecock around trying to keep it in the air for as long as possible.

Arts and Craft

Instructor: Su-Hwa Chang and Cindy CY Lee


Students have fun working with different materials to create their own masterpieces.


Sing and Dance Along

Instructor: Wen-juan Wu

Sing and Dance Along teaches young kids to sing and dance to Taiwan's popular childhood rhymes and songs.


MV Dance

Instructor: Grace Yang

MV Dance looks at Taiwan and Asia's current pop culture and teaches students to dance to current songs.

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