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2022-2023學年的註冊開始了 Class registration for new school year is open

請至華府學校網站或使用這個 鏈接 註冊。請注意今年的註冊方式略有不同。我們發現以往當學校使用早鳥註冊方式的時候,許多家長和學生都會等到九月份開學前才註冊,這對學校在暑假時期的準備工作造成了極大的困擾。所以今年新的方式是:在6/30之前註冊並繳費的學生可以繼續享有今年的學費金額,而在6/30之後註冊並繳費的學生將繳交較高的金額。新方式的目的是爲了鼓勵家長和學生儘早註冊,不只可以更好的幫助學校在暑假期間做準備而不是開學時才知道班級人數進而影響了老師們的教學,同時也讓早註冊的家長和學生能以現有的學費價格在來年繼續上課。校方强烈建議家長們在6/30之前完成註冊和繳費

Class registration for 2022-2023 school year is open. Please go to the school website or use this direct link to register. Please note the registration model is different this year. Over the years we’ve noticed that not many parents/students leverage the Early Bird model but instead register last minute before school starts in Sept. This has caused tremendous difficulty for the school in preparing for the new school year. Starting from this year, the new model will have two rates: for those who register and pay before 6/30 the tuition rate will stay the same; for those who register and pay after 6/30 the rate will be higher. This change is to encourage students/parents to register as early as possible, not only giving the school and teachers a better chance in preparing for the new school year in the summer, but also allowing our students/parents a chance to lock down the current tuition rate. We strongly encourage everyone to register and pay before 6/30.


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