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華府中文學校舉行慶功宴 熱烈祝賀青少年龍舟隊勇奪DC CUP 總冠軍 WSCLC Applauds Youth Dragon Boat Team’s Triumph at 2024 DC CUP


The Washington School of Chinese Language and Culture (WSCLC), also known as “Hua Fu,” hosted a celebration at the Culture Center of TECRO in Washington D.C. on June 9. The event was held to celebrate the remarkable victory of their Youth Dragon Boat Team at the 2024 DC Dragon Boat Race.

華府中文學校青少年龍舟隊自華府地區龍舟賽開辦21 屆以來, 屢屢都在青少年組別中獲得金牌,並多次在DC CUP總決賽中奪得冠軍,成為了本地知名的龍舟團體常勝軍。自疫情結束後,青少年龍舟隊經過重新組織和訓練,不僅在去年的總決賽中奪得冠軍,更是在今年連續第二年蟬聯總冠軍,證明了隊伍的訓練有素和持續進步。在2024年的比賽中,他們再次證明了堅強的實力,除了贏得了青少年組冠軍和總冠軍,也在200公尺和500公尺的賽事中獲得了獎牌。

The Hua Fu Youth Dragon Boat Team has consistently demonstrated excellence in the youth category since the inception of the DC Dragon Boat Race over 21 years ago. Their repeated gold medal victories have established them as a renowned local dragon boat team. Following the pandemic, the team underwent reorganization and intensive training. Their efforts bore fruit as they not only secured the championship in last year’s finals but also successfully retained their title this year. In the 2024 competition, they showcased their formidable strength yet again by winning the youth group championship, the overall championship, and securing medals in both the 200-meter and 500-meter races. This is a testament to their disciplined training and continuous improvement.


In addition, ever since the school formed the adult dragon boat team in 2018, the team’s prowess has been on an upward trajectory year after year. This year, they too achieved commendable results in the 200-meter and 500-meter races. This achievement not only highlights the physical fitness of the adult team members but also underscores the team spirit, camaraderie, and synergy fostered through regular training and competitions.


The Hua Fu Youth Dragon Boat Team has been a source of immense pride for the entire school. It underscores that the school’s students excel not only academically but also in sports competitions. Dragon boat racing has evolved into a wonderful parent-child activity, with many parents joining the adult dragon boat team inspired by their children’s participation in the youth team. This has further strengthened family bonds and interactions.


華府中文學校以優質的語文教學和豐富的文化活動,為學生們提供了一個學習中文和了解中華文化的絕佳平台。2024-25學年度將於九月開學,6月30日之前完成線上註冊和繳費手續者享可有學費減免優惠。 At the celebration ceremony, the team members, holding their trophies and medals high, proudly showcased their stellar achievements. This moment of glory is not just theirs to cherish but also a proud moment for the entire faculty and students of the Hua Fu Chinese School.

Photos by George Liu, Joe Wang, Grace Yang


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