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課後活動開始報名 After School Activities Open for Registration

華府中文學校課後活動註冊開始! 下載課後活動簡介

WSCLC 2022 Fall Semester After-School-Activity program is starting to register now.


The below programs have started. Please contact the teacher for information or a trial lesson.

- Chinese YoYo 扯鈴

- Chinese Dances/Ballet 中國舞/芭蕾舞

- Shotokan Karate 松濤館空手道

若對下列課程有興趣,請在10/17網上報名 After School Activities Online Registration

有足夠學生的課程會在11/6開課。第一堂可試課。11/13課堂上完成註冊繳費。** 書法課12/11開始。

If interested in the below program, by 10/17, please register online.

The programs with enough interested students will start on 11/6. The first class can be a trial lesson. On 11/13 the students have to finish registration and pay fees in the classrooms.

** Chinese Calligraphy starts on 12/11.

課後活動簡介 After School Activity Program

About the Facilitator: Yuchi Huang, Ph.D.

A retired corporate executive and MBA program professor with engineering Ph.D. and biophysics and management MSs. He is very interested in the complementary nature of the cultures of the East and West and the unity of the guiding principles related to matter, humans, and the universe (consilience.)


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