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課後活動 - 松濤館空手道 After School Activity - Shotokan Karate. Open for Registration.

時間:4:30 - 5:30 pm



費用:$140 註冊費

註冊: 即日起開始註冊 ,額滿為止。

“空手道藝術的最終目的不在於勝或敗,而在於參與者的人格完美。” ——船越義欽,松濤館空手道之父

關於課程: 本課程提供傳統松濤館空手道 (或“空手道之道”) 的培訓。空手道練習可以讓學生發展他們的人格、身心的耐性,並遵循道場規 (空手道的原則) :

● 追求品格的完美

● 忠誠

● 努力

● 尊重他人

● 避免暴力行為

空手道練習:每節課將涵蓋三種類型的練習 —

Kihon (基本功) : 基本功 是空手道的基本組成元素,包括站姿、姿勢、身體動作和力道。這些元素是學習進階技術的基礎。

Kata (架式) :每個架式都是一個預先安排好的攻防招數,模擬與多個對手的搏鬥。 架式教學生練習不同的技巧組合,並學習發功、呼吸控制和節奏。

Kumite (陪練) :對招是與夥伴一起練習空手道技巧。該課程將側重於基本 (五步或三步) 搏鬥與預先安排的攻擊和防禦。由於 COVID-19 的情況,將只教授社交距離、非接觸式對打技巧。

衣著要求:初學者可以穿著寬鬆、庇體的衣服 (如汗衫) 或傳統的 gi (空手道制服) 練習。所有其他學生,gi 是必要的。學生必須在上課前摘下眼鏡、手錶和任何珠寶。頭髮可以用白色的髮帶或頭帶結在腦後。

教練簡介:曾志平老師,黑帶四段,日本空手道協會 (JKA) 認證教練,練習空手道30多年。他是Shu Takahashi 大師的學生。Shu Takahashi 大師是黑帶七段和 國際松濤館空手道 (JKA 在美國的主要分支機構之一) 的首席教練。

曾老師在財政部工作,是一名專業稅務律師。他畢業於耶魯大學 (經濟學學士)、哥倫比亞法學院 (法學博士) 和紐約大學法學院 (稅務法碩士)。


Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm, spring semester

Location: WSCLC (Wootton High School, 2nd floor Common Area)

Ages: 6 and up

Cost: $140

Register: Free Try-out and Registration; Limited Registration Available.

"The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but the perfection of the character of its participant." -- Gichin Funakoshi, Father of Shotokan Karate

About the class: This class offers training in traditional Shotokan karate-do (or “the way of karate”). Karate practice allows the student to develop their character, mental and physical stamina, and follow the dojo kun (principles of karate-do):

● Seek perfection of character.

● Be faithful.

● Endeavor.

● Respect others.

● Refrain from violent behavior.

Karate practice: Each class will cover three types of exercises -

Kihon (basics): Kihon are the elementary building blocks of karate, including stance, posture, body movements, and power. These elements are the foundation for developing more advanced techniques.

Kata (forms): Each kata is a pre-arranged sequence, simulating combat against multiple opponents. Kata allow students to practice different combinations of techniques and learn to develop power, breathing control, and rhythm.

Kumite (sparring): Kumite is the practice of karate techniques with a partner. The class will focus on basic (five-step or three-step) sparring with pre-arranged attacks and blocks. Due to COVID-19 conditions, only socially distanced, no-contact sparring techniques will be taught.

Dress code: Beginners may practice in either loose, body-concealing clothing (such as sweats) or the traditional gi (karate uniform). A gi is mandatory for all other students.

Students must remove glasses, watches, and any jewelry before class. Hair may be tied back with white hair-bands or headbands.

About the instructor: Sensei Bert Tzeng (曾志平), 4th-degree black belt, is a certified instructor in the Japan Karate Association (JKA) and has practiced karate for over 30 years. He is a student of Sensei Shu Takahashi, 7th degree black belt and chief instructor of Shotokan Karate-Do International, one of the JKA's main affiliates in the US.

Sensei Tzeng works at the Treasury Department and is a tax attorney by training. He is a graduate of Yale University (B.A. Economics), Columbia Law School (Juris Doctor), and NYU Law School (Master of Laws, Taxation).


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