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成人中文會話班新老師 New Adult Chinese Class Teacher




With the retirement of the long-time teacher Dr. John Hsing, Ms. Maria Gwo is going to teach the Adult Chinese Class. She will emphasize scenarios based Chinese conversation and take advantage of PowerPoint presentations and supplemental course materials. Teaching methodologies such as Teamwork, Bilingual Immersion, Role Play, and Culture Shock will be employed to enhance the learning experience and effectively achieve the goal of conversing in Chinese fluently and joyfully.

In college, Ms. Gwo majored in English and Spanish with a minor in Chinese. She received two BAs and an MBA. She has taught adult professionals English for more than 15 years and has received “Teacher of Excellence” awards many times.

There is a $50 discount for students to enroll in the Adult Chinese Class by August 27. And there is always a $30 token of appreciation for WSCLC students and parents referring new students to any WSCLC classes.


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